Upper Loudoun Youth Football

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Lightning Policy
Run to a safe building or vehicle when you see lightning. Stay inside until 30 minutes after you hear the last clap of thunderor until league officials decide it is safe. Do not shelter under trees. When at Franklin Park we have the horn policy in effect, but you do not have to wait for the sound of the horn. Please have all of your players move to vehicles immediately and remain there until notified differently. 
We have access to the Purcellville Country Club's lightning detecter. When lightning is in the area we will know exactly how far away and how much time we have to wait.
We are working with the town to try to get permission to take the football players and cheerleaders into the skating rink when this occurs. We will let you know if we get approval 
One horn blast signals everyone must clear the fields and seek shelter in cars
2 horn blasts signals fields are reopen.
*Keep phones close-your coaches will be in touch if you are to wait out the storm or head home.


Plan A - Practices and Games are on per normal schedule

Plan B - Practices are on per the following plan:
1)  All teams may practice, if they wish, but all teams on the upper fields must practice on the side where D League / Flag League practices.
2)  D League and Flag may practice as well - a separate e-mail will be sent to D League and Flag Coaches from the Instructional Coordinator to determine if practices are on and where.  There will be times when practices are cancelled for D and Flag due to saftey issues and space/time conditions. 
3)  No ONE may park in the fields or on the gravel.  Parking is on the side of the road or paved parking lots only!  Please do not break this rule as Parks and Rec could decide to not allow us to practice at all when the upper fields are cancelled.

Plan B Games will be communicated separately based on field conditions (e-mails will be sent then phone calls made)

Plan C - All practices are cancelled.  Games will be communicated based on field conditions via the rainedout.com message and via e-mail to coaches and parents, as the league is able.