Upper Loudoun Youth Football

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About ULYFL Cheerleading 

Cheerleading is becoming a very competitive sport (yes, we did say sport) for girls. These girls are athletes and need to be recognized as such. We are structuring our program to progress at each level so when these young ladies leave our program they are prepared for tryouts at the High School level.  

Our goal is that all of the young ladies possess the basic knowledge to enable them to compete for the limited spots on the High School squads and to have a good time learning these skills and cheering for our football teams.

Cheerleading is a team sport just as football is and it is VERY IMPORTANT that every girl attends EVERY practice. By missing practice, not only is the cheerleader penalized by not being able to perform the halftime routine or sitting out the entire game, but the whole squad is also penalized because they may not be able to perform a stunt which that girl is part of. Every girl is an integral part of the squad, whether they are a flyer, a base or a spotter.

Each girl will be able to base a basic “Step-Up” drill and spot before they are allowed to fly.

Practices for all leagues will be held at Franklin Park.  Practices for cheer squads will be held Monday thru Thursday, specific days and times are determined by your head coach.  Please see the summer practice schedule for more information on days per week and hours for each league.  Once the season begins, there will be no more than 3 practices scheduled per week (not including Saturday games).  If you have a weeknight game, this will count towards one of your practice days.  As the season progresses, the coach may elect to reduce the number of weekly practices.

Parent Volunteers are integral in helping coaches to focus on teaching your girls. In addition to the required parent help on game day, consider volunteering your time with any of the following team needs. 
- Asst. Coach
- Team Parent
- Spirit Parent

Due to the importance of attending every practice, we ask that all of our cheerleaders commit to the sport and limit any other activities that would interfere with scheduled practices and games. If they cannot commit 100% to cheerleading, they should think carefully before registering.

We realize that some people may have made vacation plans during the first three weeks of practice, which cannot be changed. However, it will be the responsibility of that cheerleader to get with another cheerleader on their squad to learn the material that they missed. Our coaches do reserve the right to have a cheerleader sit out the first game if she is not totally prepared due to missed practice. Please be aware that once the season starts, any unexcused absences will be treated as outlined above and in the detailed rules listed.